Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Somebody that I used to know"


Finally...I haven't had a day off in so long, and today was the day. It feels amazing when you can do whatever you please, whenever you please. I have not had a day like this since who knows when. Hope all of you guys had an amazing New Years, mine was quite joyful. Well this was my outfit for today. I found these awesome shorts from the Salvation Army for a buck twenty five, what a find. I decided to pair it up with a sleeveless jean button up and a grey cardigan.

I as well have been quite productive, I've been making different kinds of collars, and I soon want to have a give away.

And thank you for checking back, I still can not figure out how to respond to people, but I will get a hang of this soon. Starting tomorrow, I'm finally free, so that means more posts. ;)

Enjoy your night kiddos, and be safe.


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