Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have a voice....

Romper: Forever 21
Sweater: Thrift
Desert Molli: Clarks
Glasses: Thrift

hey, hey

First things first, have a voice and fight against SOPA and PIPA, and please tell congress to not censor the web. Here are a view links, ( and ( It's only a few minutes long, educate yourself.

Secondly, Friday I will be showing some of my work at this art show, join the excitement. Here is the link to the invitation,
In about a week school will begin, here goes another semester. Just the thought of school is kind of making me nauseous. But its okay a few more years and I it will all be done with. And, I am an art director for a group called SAGA, go like the facebook page, please ( and join the madness.

Oh yeah, I got a little carried away. About my outfit, I decided to pair up my favorite polka dotted romper with this really cozy sweater. I loved the combination together. The stripes and polka dots with the pink look so radiant.

All of you have a wonderful day. And don't let Congress win, let's show them who's the boss.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!!


The talk about Coachella has taken over all my news feed, holy smokes. I mean the line up is quite amazing, what can I say?

I wore this outfit a couple days ago. Everything on top is pretty much second hand. I decided to mix these 90s pants up with some fun bright purple button down. And thought it would look nice if I added this awesome leather corset. It made the outfit a little fun and playful. I loved the combination together, a lot. And I paired it up with some Desert Mali's, one of my favorite everyday boots. This weeks been great, I had loads of days off and decided to organize my room a little. I've been organizing everything lately, clutter and messiness just doesn't cut it for me, anymore. Time to get ready for work. Enjoy the last day of the week the weekend is here, hurray. And thank you D'Ana Joi Spencer for my photos.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Somebody that I used to know"


Finally...I haven't had a day off in so long, and today was the day. It feels amazing when you can do whatever you please, whenever you please. I have not had a day like this since who knows when. Hope all of you guys had an amazing New Years, mine was quite joyful. Well this was my outfit for today. I found these awesome shorts from the Salvation Army for a buck twenty five, what a find. I decided to pair it up with a sleeveless jean button up and a grey cardigan.

I as well have been quite productive, I've been making different kinds of collars, and I soon want to have a give away.

And thank you for checking back, I still can not figure out how to respond to people, but I will get a hang of this soon. Starting tomorrow, I'm finally free, so that means more posts. ;)

Enjoy your night kiddos, and be safe.