Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!!


The talk about Coachella has taken over all my news feed, holy smokes. I mean the line up is quite amazing, what can I say?

I wore this outfit a couple days ago. Everything on top is pretty much second hand. I decided to mix these 90s pants up with some fun bright purple button down. And thought it would look nice if I added this awesome leather corset. It made the outfit a little fun and playful. I loved the combination together, a lot. And I paired it up with some Desert Mali's, one of my favorite everyday boots. This weeks been great, I had loads of days off and decided to organize my room a little. I've been organizing everything lately, clutter and messiness just doesn't cut it for me, anymore. Time to get ready for work. Enjoy the last day of the week the weekend is here, hurray. And thank you D'Ana Joi Spencer for my photos.


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