Monday, February 11, 2013

How we live life in South Central

Shorts: Thrifted
Boots: "Timberlands"
Bracelets & Rings: Cartier

I have an obsession with male clothing, so, my partner and I decided on collaborating and doing a unisex shoot. We wanted to show off how the jumper, Homies, could be worn by males and females. We ended up shooting this at Randy's donuts, which was just such an appropriate location for an outfit like this. I decided to pair up the jumper with an all black everything theme. I wore some black casual shorts, with black Timberland boots, and we wore all gold for the accessories. I loved the way the whole fit turned out, casual, laid back and not to mention really comfy.
Anyways, I have a lot to do today, a ton of homework and I am finally putting together my pen pal buddies little goodies. Hope all of you are enjoying your Monday, make the most of it. And ps: I want more pen pal buddies, message me if interested. :)